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Guidelines for point application

Administration application proposes a point system to the benefit of active members of the exchange in the sense that they can get points by accumulating a number of facilities that will be presented below.

2) Conditions for granting points

a) to pay annual subscription you get 600 points ; ;

b) When adding a route truck or a freight get 5 points;

c) Tell a friend! If you recommend a friend to inscribe the application in when they activate their account by paying a one year abonamest the email address aotomat recommended you get 100 points;

d) Important: Points will not be reported from year to year than to raise the threshold for site presentation.

3) ways to use points

Punctele se cumuleaza pe masura  ce se indeplinesc  conditiile de la punctual 2) sin prezentul regulament.In momentul in care depasesti un anumit prag de puncte beneficiezi de urmatoarele facilitate : Points are cumulated as they meet the conditions in point 2) sin regulament.In this moment exceeds a certain threshold of benefit of these feature points:

a) In reaching the threshold of 750 points - a free banner displayed on the site;

b) On reaching the threshold of 900 points - 25% discount abonamentul pe anul viitor subscription next year ; ;

c) On reaching the threshold of 1200 points - 50% discount abonamentul pe anul viitor ; subscription next year;

d) On reaching the threshold of 3600 points - a free web presentation company;

4) obligations of the parties

Administrator has the obligation to quantify correctly points for each member and to make sure the request of the member-, facilities that each member is by reaching them umui number of puncte.Intr a manager within 7 days member exchange will notify you by mail of facilities eligible under bridges 3) of the current regulation. To make banners, and create site requires that member exchange to send the necessary data (pictures, text, etc.). Banner will be displayed in more than 72 hours on site and to create the site term is 3 (three) weeks of receiving full information.

Members of the exchange are required to notify you wish to use a specific feature. For banners and site administrator should provide the exchange all the necessary materials. Responsibility for text and pictures used in creating the site and totally belong MEBRA Banner exchange that is the one who offers them for use. MEBRA subscription after an exchange can not require the facilities offered by these points.Not using points to the benefits of this regulation entitles the member to claim damages scholarship administration

5) Loss points

Member exchange loses points at the end of one year each for abonament.Totusi be quantified and from year to year but only to reach the threshold for site free presentation in section 3) d).

A member of the exchange will automatically lose points if you enter a payment incident.